Unlocking the Secret to a Happier, Healthier You:
The Mind-Blowing Power of Habits

MinFuel’s latest new video is out now on Youtube. Please click the “Subscribe” button to the left to follow us on Youtube! Click the clip below to view the newest episode.  In this video, Jaxx will explain the habit loop and the power habits have over humans and their minds. Watch the video now to learn how to change your habits and fix the problems you face today.


“Creating a Better You”

MindFuel is a motivational and self-development channel created to help individuals improve their lives and become their best selves. Our brand phrase “create a better you” represents our mission to inspire and empower viewers to make positive changes in their lives. Led by Jaxx, the brand offers a range of motivational speeches, success stories, personal development tips, and strategies for achieving greater happiness and fulfillment.With a focus on actionable advice, MindFuel provides viewers with practical steps they can take to create a better version of themselves

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From Jaxx

I have big goals for this brand. Other than the current Youtube page that provides interesting topics surrounding self-development, I would like to incorporate this brand into the fitness niche eventually, helping to also better individual's in their physical health journey as well as their mental health journey. MindFuel gives me the ability to separate my music crowd from my motivational/self-development crowd I have built over the years on social media. I want to continue shedding inspiring content across social media and MindFuel gives me the ability to. For now, I am currently working on the YouTube channel behind the brand, building up the crowd, and finding new ways to involve MindFuel into society. Stay on the look out for new merchandise based on MindFuel and other content that might interest you. I hope you guys enjoy this page. If you have not yet, please subscribe to MindFuel on YouTube to help this brand grow. - Jaxx