(feat. Youmidaswell)

Available on all platforms October 28th! 

Shut up is a song by American rapper Jaxx releasing on October 28th, 2022. This track was created about a personal experience Jaxx encountered with a girl that would go around spreading rumors and constantly having his name in her mouth. The song title “Shut up” refers to Jaxx’s frustration of the situation with a girl he knew. This high energy song also features a verse from Philadelphia rapper Youmidaswell. Jaxx centers his verses on the story of how it all played out and flexing his confidence. Although he is explicit with his lyrics, Jaxx paints a vivid picture to the audience that helps you feel the emotion and engages the listener with the experience he encountered. Jaxx directs the chorus of the song at his reaction to the experience of lashing out and expressing his anger. In the second verse, Youmidasell focuses his lyrics on the flex of his lifestyle and his perspective of the story. “Shut Up” is a hard hitting, modern sounding, trap hip-hop track. With an intriging vocal sample that allures the listener in throughout the opening, the build-up feels electrifying. Many early listeners have said the beat production reminds them of  “Super Gremlin” by Kodak Black or “Sharing Locations” by Meek Mill ft. Lil Dirk and Lil Baby.


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